Indian Models

Meet potential Rubaru Mister India 2018, Ujjwal Sharma.


''I began modeling two years back. It just happened naturally. I was a dancer and people used to advise me to give modeling a try because of my looks and a good height. I was just nineteen years when I first walked the ramp — I was so nervous; I didn't know how to walk, how to pose and I wasn't confident!! That show inspired me to work on my weaknesses so I undertook grooming classes; trust me, modeling is not as easy as it may seem! It takes hard work, determination, patience and self control to be a good model!! As a male model, I feel confidence and a positive attitude are most important.


About the pageant, I had heard a lot about Rubaru Mister india while modeling. I am really happy to be a part of it because  the Rubaru group has given so many successful models to our country and this platform has earned a lot of respect for grooming diamonds in the rough, which really motivated me to participate. I have been working real hard on myself; I am on Keto diet; I spend a lot of hours working out;  I have been working on my walk, my communication skills and my diet.


If I win this pageant, my life will be completely transformed; people will get to know me, I will get social respect, a lot of career opportunities, and the most important thing, my family will be proud of me! I will also have a platform to voice my opinion on the cause of the girl child —  without a girl child, boy children can never take birth in this world. Then why are people being violence towards women and killing the girl child? We worship many female goddesses however never feel a little kindness towards the women living in our home…''