Indian Models
Tymeron Huban Carvalho

Insanely handsome, designer Tymeron Huban Carvalho was titled Asia's Top Fashion Male Model of the Year '16, Mr. Srilanka Supranational '18 and then Mr. Supranational Asia '18. Over to him.


''I'm a designer by profession and modeling is just a hobby. Perhaps because modeling isn't a long term career in this part of the world. It happened by a stroke of luck —  I was handpicked by a director, to star in a television commercial, while walking home from sports practice! What makes me a good model today? I believe it's everything put together — PR skills and the way I present myself. And I maintain a diet and fitness regime. I focus on a low carb diet and high intensity workouts. I also do yoga, dance and meditation which helps me inside out. I have a self-imposed rule though — I don't promote fairness creams. The fair skin obsession has to be discouraged as it's the seed of racism and low self-esteem. I believe in loving yourself just the way you are…


Out of the campaigns I've worked in, being cover boy of calendar 'Body Sculpt' '19 stands out in memory. The weather wasn't good that day. It was raining, dark and cloudy and the wind was high. The sea was violent and Nikos Narkissos was shooting while holding an umbrella!! Somehow, we did it. And the photographs turned out to be amazing! A milestone in my career was winning the titles Mr. Srilanka Supranational 2018 and Mr. Supranational Asia 2018. I was the only dark skinned contestant with long hair. But my strong point is that I was always myself as I felt I didn't need to fake it. See, I have always done high intensity workouts. While preparing for the pageants, all I did was be myself; the guidelines of the International pageant was clear and filling that requirement was literally doing what I do — from stamina training to being a trained dancer. What I was most unprepared however for was doing push-ups in the snow, fully togged in horse riding gear!! Being named Asia's Top Fashion Male Model is another huge milestone. It was a very different adventure, I must say, and was totally unexpected. There were many Asian countries in the running and they selected five countries; Sri Lanka was one of them and that was my first surprise. Honestly speaking, I participated in the awards for a travel experience but never expected to win — when they announced Asia's Top Fashion Male Model as Sri Lanka, I was stunned for a few minutes… until the people seated next to me said 'you have won; go on!'


Winning these titles has definitely got me a good exposure in the industry. And it has got me some good deals with many renowned Lankan and International brands, agencies and photographers. The only advice I would like to share with male models hoping to take part in pageants — stay true to yourself. Believe in your own roots, language, culture and country. This will always make you stand out. It's important to be a person everyone could relate to. That said, being real is important but so is being humble. Your personality should be positive and your smile genuine. The cameras can easily detect fake. When you represent your country, ensure you embrace every aspect opt it and you are aware of its current affairs from climate to politics!''

Photographs — Nikos Narkissos