Indian Models

Twinkle Meena graduated in engineering from her hometown, Indore but at the back of her mind she always knew she wanted more than that. She knew she was not in the right place. In conversation with her.


"When I was nine years old I used to watch Fashion TV, and my late mother who was very supportive, used to tell me that I could be like those girls some day. For me, you are not in the right job if your heart is not in it so I knew the moment I participated in Femina Miss India that this is what I wanted to do and my family has always been very supportive of my career choice. I feel my dedication to learn something new every day and not give up, makes me a good model. And you have to be humble always, no matter what. I take a lot of care although i do not follow a strict diet. I simply eat healthy and workout every day. I do not practice do yoga; I workout in the gym.


God has been kind. Being on the cover of Women's Era and New Women were amazing moments for me. And although I am satisfied with modelling I feel the need to diversify into acting. I am not too sure about that yet though. I just have a few thoughts about the possibilities."