Indian Models

TJ Singh made quite an impression on me with his polite demeanour and quick wit. The nineteen year old is a familiar presence on top tier runways. When he is on the catwalk, all eyes follow him. He is that good — and what sets him apart is his different look and confidence in his skin. With prestigious bookings on the horizon, his star is on the rise, he is taking in accomplishments with grace and diversifying within the industry to explore his creative talent. Over to him.


''I've always been creative, interested in acting, dancing, modeling and anything that involves working with your creative skills and being expressive. When I was in 10th grade I had decided that I wanted to pursue a career in acting and modeling. That time I wasn't so sure about modeling because I always felt like I didn't look attractive in photographs though I was still attending auditions in Delhi, trying to gather as much experience as I could. But in college, I evolved on every level.. spiritually  mentally, physically and also evolved in how I perceived myself.  I believe what you think or believe in, you attract. Before, I thought to be a model you need to have a good body with a handsome face, and that's when I started staying updated with global fashion. To my surprise, I saw thin male models walking for huge global brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Tom Ford, etc.  I believed I could make it too and I just tried to stay true to myself, confident in my own skin and let go of all the insecurities. In August 2016, I did my first photoshoot with a professional photographer and I put all my America's Next Top Model instructions into that photoshoot; it actually turned out great and I felt this is something I can do and would love to do. After 3-4 test shots, I could see myself getting better and less nervous. Moving from August to September, something happened that completely changed me and helped me grow stronger and more confident as an individual and as a model. I auditioned for Elite Model Look 2016 and was among the top 16 finalists. That's where it all began and I'm grateful for it all. Today I've shot for the cover of Street Style Spotlight magazine; I walked for Huemn and opened for Abhishek Paatni's brand Nought One in in Amazon India Fashion Week. I've recently shot for the street style campaign for website Vogue Prive and DRVV's campaign. 


I do introspect on what makes me a good model. I just stay myself and try to present the best version of myself no matter what I may be going through in life. I try hard to give the best shots possible, do what the clients want, try as hard I can without being fussy or arrogant.  Just recently I did a high fashion shoot with some amazing people and we shot in harsh sunlight in 47 degrees. We were melting!! But that didn't stop me from doing my best.. I believe that a model —or any human being —should be humble, hardworking and positive. The financial satisfaction from modeling is quite good for now but I do want to evolve as an actor and a performer too so I will try to diversify soon; I would love to expand my creative universe. You don't always get to do something that you love to do and get paid for it and I'm more than grateful that I get to wake up every morning and do what I want to do and what I love to do and say that this my job!!


I'd request new models to beware of fake people especially those asking for money before getting you the assignment. Unless you're applying on online portals like starkut, where you have to pay a fair amount of money to know about auditions. Success solely depends on you and your performance in the auditions. You have to be well researched about agencies, designers etc. Be fully informed about what is legit and what is not.''