Indian Models

Legal Eagle. News Anchor. Fashion Model. Steadfastly following the mantra "Earn It To Eat It" Tina Pahuja wears different hats. In conversation with her.


"Since college days, I was always attracted to the modeling and acting fraternity and eventually pursued modelling after wining a beauty pageant. I was also a news anchor right before I started modeling! To model was my passion, something that I looked forward to pursuing every time I went for a fashion week or saw some coverage on television. I am so grateful that my family has always been a pillar of support for the choices that I have made. They literally are the wind beneath my wings.


My outlook towards work is that of a thorough professional. I may have started as an attracted-to-the-glam-world kid but I perceive it today as a profession. Some of the memorable projects include TVC for Google, Hero [the feature film], Brand Ambassador of Kazo Fashion India and walking for Lakme Fashion Week. From my experience, I would like to share a nugget of wisdom for models entering the industry — always work on yourself. You know, a lot of people ask if I would get job satisfaction from modelling or would I diversify at some point — as a matter of fact, I always have wanted to grow. To be satisfied with yourself and your work is to stagnate. now, I am going to let you in on a tiny little secret about me… I am a lawyer by academics and profession!"