Indian Models

Hailing from Kashmir, Suhaiill N Ali graduated in Electronics Engineering and began working as Software Analyst for one of the world's largest IT companies in Bengaluru.. though he nurtured a dream of making it big in the world of modelling. The ''gora chitta'' young boy held onto this dream and tentatively embarked on his journey on weekends, after which he quit his lucrative job to make a serious attempt at modeling… and destiny took over. Over to Suhaiill.


''Though I hail from Kashmir, I grew up in Bangalore. I graduated in Electronics Engineering and frankly, modelling wasn't on my mind until I was in my final year of Engineering. I had several modelling offers, but I declined them since I didn't want to take my focus off studies. However, I always had a perception of Fashion and an innate sense of style. Unlike peers, my style was anything but simple; it was highly experimental, at the least. As narcissistic as it might sound, I was the most stylish student in college! So much so that, my professors used to remark that the Fashion Industry is where I ought to be! I brushed off the compliments, not knowing that Fashion is where I would head to a little later…


Soon after graduation, I began working as a Software Analyst for one of the world's largest IT companies. This is when I began doing fashion shows over the weekend. The nature of my job didn't allow me to go beyond this. Inspite of a stable career, it's during this phase my passion for Fashion and the glamour world intensified. I realised that I couldn't see myself doing a regular — or rather, monotonous — 9 to 5 job. It's been a year since I quit my job and began modelling professionally. I was runner-up of a modelling pageant in Delhi last year. Thereafter, I did several shows and campaign shoots. I have modelled for brands like Nautica, Mufti, Pepe Jeans and Spykar, just to name a few.


My Kashmiri features [''gora chitta'' as everyone calls it *laughs*] and boyish charm have worked in my favour. I have always stood out in a crowd and make heads turn! I believe that a model is rarely born, but rather nurtured, to realise their full potential. Being confident, having an optimistic attitude and constantly working on self grooming are pre-requisites to being a successful model. With this in place, you have won half the battle. Besides this, sheer hard work and a humble nature can take you to places. I must mention here that being patient is important, because modelling, just like any other profession, has its own share of highs and lows. Also, one must realise the importance of being fit. I follow a strict workout regimen since college. Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining a good physique. I religiously workout for two hours, 4-5 times a week. It's a combination of weight and functional training. My diet mostly includes ghar ka khana, juices, fruits and of-course, protein shakes. I also love dark chocolate; it's a sinful temptation I regularly give in to. Since I'm genetically blessed, I don't have weight issues and manage to maintain a lean muscular physique.


From experience, I would advise aspiring models to work on grooming themselves and improving their confidence level. Thereafter, sign up with a reputed modelling agency that provides consistent work; this would save you the trouble of finding work. Also, be open to constructive criticism. I have personally gained a lot of valuable feedback from designers, show directors and choreographers that I have worked with. Each of them can help point out flaws, that if worked on, can make a major difference. Also, beware of dubious modelling agencies and fake model scouts!"