Indian Models

"I think modeling was just meant to be! I just had do something creative with my life" says the Delhi-based Ssmile Hyatt who is simultaneously pursuing Bachelors in English Honours. "I realise modelling might not be a stable career but I like challenges. Since I was five years old I wanted to be a model! Of course as a kid I was clueless about what modelling was but now I feel so grateful to have pursued my dreams and made it as my profession; the industry gives me so many opportunities to push myself beyond the comfort zone and grow as an individual. I have a lot of dreams that I want to achieve and being a successful model is one!"


Her positive attitude and drive has taken her places — literally. The twenty-year-old has represented India in the Asian Supermodel Contest where she won the title of Ms. Photogenic! "I feel it's my positive attitude that makes me a good model. I work hard and am disciplined. A model must be in shape and for this one needs to understand his or her body. I eat what is good for my body, I keep a check on what I am eating and how it is going to affect my body. I workout to stay strong, energetic and in better shape than what I was yesterday. I also feel my curiosity to observe and my ability to inculcate new learnings into my life helped me. I wish to keep learning and growing, both as a model and person."


"There are a lot of campaigns in which I have had amazing experiences. One of them was when I was shooting in China with a team which did not communicate in the same language. That is where I learnt that for people to connect, language is not a barrier... We shot on rocks, in the river and a lot of other beautiful locations, and not once did I feel that we are not connected" she smiled and then added thoughtfully, "The one stereotype about female models I have come across is that "being a model is easy". Actually it's the opposite! To be a model, the girl should be really focused and disciplined. Keeping your body in shape, skin, hair and make-up, walking the ramp, right expressions in front of camera, working long hours... It's a tall order. There is so much more!! And I often come across people who think modelling is not a full time profession?! Which is not true! Modelling, like any other profession, requires dedication, sincerity and focus. We have to understand our job's requirements well and make the product we are modelling for come alive and to do that we need to train ourselves to be able to work hard and give our best all the time."


As we bid adieu I ask about her future plans and a genuine smiles lights up her face. "I have a lot of exciting projects lined up. A few are catwalk shows with my favourite models which I am looking forward to. I have been selected for "Campus Princess" which is part of Femina Miss India's pageant and I will be going for a one-week training soon. I hope to perform well and am looking forward to meeting the girls and the amazing team!"