Indian Models

I've always perceived of model Sony Kaur as a model with courage, confidence and poise. Comfortable in her skin, she can carry off a bikini with as much élan as she plays demure bride. In conversation. 


"I think what makes me a good model, my strength, is my body, I work hard to keep myself fit. I love my body so fitness is very important to me and I stick to my diet and regime even if I'm traveling; model or not, everyone should be fit and healthy and take care of their body. Besides that, attitude and an expressive face matters — a right right attitude is very important as it will take you places and will keep you going in the long term.  


Modelling is a creative profession and it's taught me a lot! To start with, how to stay fit and healthy! I also learnt the art of the perfect makeup and hair which honestly I didn't know before I chose to be a model! And, of course, to dress up stylishly which makes me stand out in the crowd! Modelling also enables a person to travel extensively and meet new people… which is a beautiful way of living. So right now modelling is giving me job satisfaction because this is what I have wanted to do since five years but if I ever have to diversify into another field, you'd see me as business woman!


Speaking of assignments, I've shot for Shivan Narresh, Vikram Phadnis, Tarun Tahiliani, Rajat Tangri and Krishna Mehta amongst others and walked for Lakme Fashion Week. With fashion modelling picking up so well as a career in India there are lot of good agencies now to help freshers. These aspiring models should take advantage of it and be wary of random co-ordinators who act well connected and mislead them. So be smart in your choices! Alas, there are a lot of notions about models in India, due to a certain section of boys and girls doing stupid things and then covering up their tracks in the name of modelling! Lastly I strongly feel models should have a union card like all the other artists — it'll take care of required filtering."