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Snehal Salunke feels modelling was just meant to happen to her, be it as a career or hobby! ''I don't know what it will eventually be in my life but right now it's a passion,  it's a zest to perform; it's not just walking on the ramp, it's a silent form of acting and that's what attracted me. I always knew I had it in me but the talent required shaping and polishing so when I heard about Cocoaberry through my friends, I knew through all their praise and results of this agency that this is what I was looking for.


That said, everyone can get trained but one thing that makes a model stand out is happiness and satisfaction with what they are doing; it is important to feel good about yourself and be confident which will then get reflected in your body of work. I feel it this quality that makes me a good model. And although I do work on myself, frankly speaking, I am gifted with a slim body so not much goes into a diet regime other than avoiding fat but I seriously do aerobics which keeps me active and fit.


Professionally I'm still climbing my ladder to success but I;ve done a few catalogue shoots, small role in a television serial, fashion shows and participated in a few pageants. Modelling is a passion, it makes me happy, but life is a beautiful stage and we are actors playing the role given to us. So whatever work comes my way I will try to explore it."


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