Indian Models

Assam-born model Siddharth Gogoi is poised to be the next big thing. His journey is the stuff of dreams. The handsome young man was noticed by Edward Lalrempuia and Atsu Sekhose while working at a gym in Delhi. He was immediately cast for a show and there was no looking back. Since, he has worked with plum projects including Royal Enfield, Bhane, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Shantanu Nikhil, Antar Agni, Ashish Soni, Arjun Saluja, Huemn, Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra. Over to him.


''Ever since I can remember, as a kid I yearned for my share of the limelight. Modelling was a childhood dream that was realised when I was approached to walk for Atsu Shekhose's show at India Fashion Week while working at Fitness First. That was my first break after being in Delhi for six years!! Since, I have done several prolific campaigns and shows. I think it's important to find your ground and stick to it. For those who prefer to do commercial work, tha's good too. I was personally interested in creating a portfolio of aesthetic value. For me it was of paramount importance to be invested in and passionate about the work on the table. I never felt good about commercial work as I feel both money and creative satisfaction is important.


Today, Modeling is more accessible and democratised. We see inclusivity and diversity as a standard. Although, I do feel the industry needs to be more regulated and organised. There is a need gap for boutique agencies and grooming of local talent. That is still centred in the big cities and aspiring models from smaller cities do not get opportunities easily. I also feel, after years in the industry, that there should be a basic cap on payments. With so many options available, value of the talent is not at par with what it was earlier; now fees are compared and negotiated before finalising talent. Quite often it is the only break models get… on decreased fees, not merit.


Each of us must to realise that this career, modeling, is short-lived and transient so a back-up plan is essential. To diversify is to sustain. I am not talking about theatre or films… modelling is an entirely different industry. It does not overlap with acting; not many models make it big in films as it is a different craft that needs completely different training and expertise. I have ventured into creating a niche hairstyling enterprise. I felt that something like hair grooming is connected with my experience in the industry and I could work within the same ecosystem and yet carve a differential niche for myself. I have trained with the best and I learn more each day. My vision is to make the art of hairdressing accessible across the North East and of course to continue with prolific projects in modeling. You know, I come from a world very far from the industry so I make decisions intuitively. I'm guided by intuition. I would love to say I live by a mentor's advice but eventually it is our path and we have to chart it ourselves. That said, I work hard on myself. Consistency is the key. I don't follow a strict diet or workout regime as being flexible is important. I cannot bind myself to a hardcore unsustainable diet and exercise routine. I travel a lot and also eat local so I take that into account and never push myself unrealistically.


Lately, Coronavirus made each of us pause in our stride and gave us invaluable time to introspect and make long- pending decisions. The presence and online marketing of brands has brought a lot of attention to our industry be it photographers, designers, models. Building campaigns online and e-commerce is very very critical now. Things will continually evolve and we must adapt and go with the flow.''