Indian Models

Shweta Raj has scaled heights. After MTV India's Next Top Model Season 3, she was crowned Miss Commonwealth Pacific India '16. Independent, intelligent, stunning, she is all set to storm catwalks!


''My story is interesting. Before modelling, I was that overweight girl who couldn't dress up or talk to save her life!! But as destiny- or the inner daredevil in me- had it, my first year in BMCC Pune saw me jump head first into modeling by participating in local pageant 'Mirchi Queen Bee'. I honestly never participated with the thought That I could win, but standing amongst the top three winners, kindled that hunger in me! As an individual, I've always loved honing my self. Be it beauty or intellect, the field of glamour requires it. So I always aspire to present the best version of myself, I gravitated towards professional modeling over a conservative profession.


I truly believe my grooming sets me apart. My mentor Lovell Prabhu has played a huge role in moulding the Shweta Raj that you see in front of you today. That said, I work on myself continuously. I stay fit by consciously eating healthy! It sounds cliché’ but I have been able to retain my structure with minimal workout because I eat well. Ghee, chia, sesame seeds, kefir — I eat it all! God has been kind and I've done some great work which has made me a household name in Pune and recently, India. Apart from being a part of runway shows and magazine editorials, I have shot for Abs Fitness and Wellness Club which has hoardings throughout Maharashtra and I was on air with MTV for three months due to my participation in India's Next Top Model which got me credibility on a national level.


Modelling is my first love so I don't have a back-up plan It's not the work but the love for the work that drives me, so if someday I am not as successful, I'll choose a job profile that'll help me stay connected to the field. That said, I want to remembered as a woman who wholeheartedly lived her life and enjoyed all her passions, so while modelling is enough to give me job satisfaction I'm diversifying into tarot, writing and philanthropy because I want to make the most of the one life that I have got. From my experience in the business, I feel aspiring models must focus on grooming themselves; it's an underrated need but an un-groomed model can be lost while he or she is in the making. It's the reason we have so many dreams shatter in Mumbai before they even see the light of the day.  Also, no matter what, always be punctual and warm; it will take you a long way!"