Indian Models

All over the world leggy, beautiful girls are on a runway near you. And then there are some who are so arresting, they leave an impression. Shweta Dolli, one of Indian fashion’s most promising faces, is a model of just that stripe!


''I'm originally from Pune, but because my dad served in the Indian army, I spent my childhood in different parts of the country. He would get posted to a new place every two-three years. I've lived in regions as varied as Leh Ladakh to Port Blair,  Andaman and Nicobar. Education was my stability. I’m a graduate in Mathematics from Sri Venkateshwara College, Delhi.


For me, modelling was not a planned move. I was planning on doing an MBA. But life took a different turn, when on a whim, I participated in and won Femina Miss India [South]. That snowballed into a lot of assignments and being signed up by an agency in Mumbai. Since, I've done campaigns for Pantene, Samsung TV, Lakme Absolute. I've also had the pleasure to shoot for various Indian designers. You know, there are a lot of things that could be a model's USP. For me, it's my personality and a unique face. Body is something all models have to maintain. I dont have a fixed "back up" plan in case assignments dwindle down. But I am confident that with my strong academic background, I will be able to transition.


I workout everyday and eat fresh vegetarian food. When time permits, I indulge in golf, squash and swimming. My philosophy is a little different — I don't really aspire to be like someone. I do not have an icon. But I appreciate and try to emulate certain people's grit and determination in and outside this industry. I am proud to be a model and stereotypes about female models in general do not bother me at all. The most common ones — "models are dumb" and "all models want to be actresses" — says more about the mentality of the person spouting them, than us models. On a serious note, there is a lot of scope for improvement as the modelling industry is still in its nascent stage. With more agencies stepping in, I think the industry will become more streamlined over time. My advice to aspiring models would be to give it your best and expect nothing! You might achieve success or you might not, as a lot depends on luck here, whatever the outcome take it in your stride and plan your future accordingly. Such is life.''