Indian Models

Shubham Chauhan, with a sensible head on his shoulders and aspiration to live the dream, took the modelling industry by storm with sheer hard work, tunnel vision focus and realist attitude. In conversation.


"I was interested in being a professional model since Class X, inspired by my cousin, who is a model. I loved watching ramp shows and aspired to be there someday! The only thought that consumed me was that I wanted to be someone amongst everyone out there… and I worked towards that goal. I was just a student, interested in gymming and once I began seeing the changes in my body, I had a gut feel there is something in me which can attract attention! Moreover, I was fond of Fashion, be it clothes or accessories, which I mixed and matched to create new looks. I got a break when a designer chose me to walk for him during a fashion week in Bengaluru. There was no looking back!! Hey, I could have opted for a serious, stable career but that wouldn't have given me the name, the fame and the life I have always aspired towards. It's easy for people to say "you're just a model." But, trust me, it's one of the toughest jobs one can do — staying fit through the year, maintaining a strict diet, no days off from the gym, pampering skin; trust me it's not easy! I prefer a vegetarian diet, mostly vegetables, fruits and yoghurt.


Speaking of work, the best piece of advice I have ever received was, to maintain good relations with everyone even if I don't like them; keep issues aside and be so good, so gentle that it kills their bitterness. There are many memorable projects I have worked on but a special one was in Manali for Nikon; it was mid November and -5 degree temperature; the director wanted a shot where I was coming out of the river with a wet body! Later, I was down with fever for two days but it was fun! A memorable runway show was for Dubai International Fashion Week — it was my first overseas show where I learnt a lot, performed well and walked for a designer from Milan! My life changing project, without doubt, is Rubaru Mr. India. Ever since my career took off, it was my dream to participate in the pageant but it took time to prepare for it! It wasn't easy!! Two months before the pageant, I got viral fever and was hospitalised. I lost all hope and was almost backing out but in a corner of my mind a thought was recurring — "Shubham, you have worked hard to be a part of it and you can achieve your dream; it is within your reach. Go for it!" So even though I had a month to prep, I gave it my best shot! I trained three hours a day and maintained a diet with no salt, no sugar! I went running at midnight. I was focused and determined to give it my best! There are several challenges in life but if you really want something and work towards it, your mindset, dedication and hard work will pay off! I worked on my personality, looks, grooming, body, lifestyle, punctuality, manners and more! And I'm so grateful my hard work paid off and I won Rubaru Mr. North India.


I am grateful that the industry has always treated me well and I'm lucky to have met good people. My career has done wonderful things to my life, from meeting fine people to making me feel more confident about myself… but if there is something I want to change, it would be our call time; clients keeping models waiting, starving and wasting time at least four- five hours before work begins — this should be taken into consideration. That said, I'm always asked if I want to continue with this profession or diversify into something else. At the moment I'm satisfied with modeling and acting! Yes, I can consider becoming an influencer as people follow me for my lifestyle choices and work! Coming up, I have shows lined up and a web series on both zee5 and amazon prime; shortly I will come up with my biggest project in Mumbai — my own business!" Way to go, buddy.