Indian Models

Sheela Tiruchi makes her presence felt with a svelte silhouette and smouldering gaze. A Berlin native, she completed MBA in Public Management and trained in Latin and Indian classical dance. Besides modeling in Germany, she was studying, running a Bollywood dance school and working part time with event management companies. And then moved to Mumbai to pursue Bollywood dance choreography. But life had other things in store and modeling became her bread and butter.


''I'm Tamilian, born and brought up in Berlin. You can call me Indo-German 'cause my heart beats for both. Speaking of modeling, at 15 I was towering over my classmates so mom pushed me into modeling. A neighbour always told me to pursue this career and et voila I had my first assignment for Falke, which is the biggest stockings brand across Europe and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I shot in Germany for L'oreal Studio Fix with Milla Jovovich, which was an incredible experience; she was so humble, throwing easter eggs at the crew, that was really funny. I always wanted to be a part of a reality show and Kingfisher Supermodels 3 was it. It was a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions but it was worth it. The other lifetime experience I had is the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco, where I represented Force India, all the opening parties were hosted by none other than Vijay Mallya on his yacht. And the breathtaking view and sound of the racing cars was just "WOW".


People caution me it isn't a stable job but I do not agree! Some of us make a lot of money in a span of few years which wouldn't be possible as an employee. But the down side is it has a short shelf life. Being a model is constant work and it requires constant changes, persistence and discipline. Apart from being polished and good looking, It's also about being a good salesperson, because at the end of the day we treat ourselves like a product. So, it depends on what you want and how far you want to go in this career. I treat modeling as a business. And business can do well or fail, but you move on, irrespective. Some people have to go the extra mile and some just get lucky. So looking great and having a wonderful personality isn't the key. It is constant relationship building and thats a skill one needs to possess. It is hard to judge myself and I don't like doing that, but having said that there is something I am doing right , because I get to work often!!


That said, apart from modeling, I am working on a venture based on fitness and dance. I have attended a one-year modeling class in Germany so helping aspiring models in collaboration with beauty pageants could be a part time career option as well as my language skills in German, English and Tamil and my education! There is a lot one can do!! What does a modelling career do for me personally? There is no doubt that traveling is the best part about being a model. I never liked traveling much but now I just love it. I got to see many, many places which I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Apart from traveling, this career gives you opportunities to go international and meet different people on every assignment. And it never gets boring. Most people use this as a platform to get into films or TV, not only as an artist, some want to become writers, directors or producers.

Fitness is key. For me, water is the key to everything! But every body is different and needs individual attention in terms of diet and workout. I work out while dancing. It is called BollyFit, a simple dance workout to Bollywood music. It is high intensity cardio and which keeps me fit. I don't have a strict diet but I have a list of things I don't eat or cut out. If I go on a diet it will be a low carb diet with more fruits and vegetables. But I make sure not to stay hungry. And yeah I stay away from sugar and sweet dishes. Traveling doesn't interrupt much; most things are available due to great hospitality. And if there is no option then it's ok to cheat once in a while!


I salute to all my co-workers and appreciate the long way they have come, but there is one lady i would like to talk about. ALESIA RAUT — she hits all the boxes and is a constant 10/10 PERIOD. Why I say that is, from the very first time I met her at a shop, me being so anxious to talk to her, where she calmed me down and provided me with leads to the fashion industry, to walking many fashions shows right next to her, she has been the same. She is so hard working, traveling a to z almost every day and she still manages family, work and a beautiful smile on her face, so humble and a hero. She deserves an award for being the woman she is and learning from her is blessing to all aspiring models. Speaking of aspiring models here is some advice:


1. Believe in yourself as a model if you hit the basic requirements

2. Signing up with an agency for a trial period is recommended

3. Do not work for free, EVER!

4. Look up photographers to do a Test with you to get you started with pictures

5. Get a MENTOR; approach established models.

6. You can do a beauty contest — helps to get noticed by choreographers

7. Don't starve as it will show on your face. Be balanced.

8. Be prepared at all times.''