Indian Models

I've often observed Saud Khan at fashion weeks, at other times focussing on fitness and avoiding alcohol though he likes to party… his discipline is exemplary. So it felt good to hear his effort is paying off — the young man with a strikingly handsome face is now a part of plum campaigns and runway shows!  And will now be seen in Rajasthan Style Fest. Over to him!


"Frankly I was a chubby kid till my teenage years and then I began getting interested in fitness and working out. One day, someone suggested I should participate in 'Mr. Bhopal' pageant — and I won!! It was a huge day for me and there was no looking back since. It was the beginning of my modelling career. I stepped in hesitantly, impressed by the career graph of Arjun Rampal; I think he is the ultimate male supermodel this country has. Don't get me wrong. I don't aspire to be like anyone but his story inspires me to believe that it's possible to achieve your dream! Today, I'm so passionate about modelling; I can’t think of another profession! Back Up? One has academic qualification to lean on!


Women have long faced the dilemma of working in a man’s world where they are constantly under pressure to prove themselves. Some male models experience the same negotiation of power, which in turn affects self-esteem and a desire to change the way other people perceive them. What does he feel, I ask? "A model definitely needs a good face and fit body, and of course a positive attitude, but what makes him a cut above is his approach towards work. Modelling is not fun and game as a lot of people wrongly perceive it!! It's a professional job and you have to be honest and sincere towards work! 

Saud has travelled extensively. What does he perceive are the differences in the modelling industry here and overseas, I wonder? ''If you compare the Indian modelling industry to our global counterparts… it's moving in the right direction in terms of agencies and agents. As a model, I feel agencies need to get professional in terms of handling the careers of models. That is required! Lastly, from my experience I would like to advise aspiring models — be yourself; be your own critic and judge your surroundings by your own instincts and experience and not on hearsay! And work out!''