Indian Models

Delhi-based Sarah Khatri shifted base to Mumbai five years back to pursue Bachelors in Fashion Communication at NIFT following which she studied the art of acting at 'Actor Prepares' last year. Glamour was on the anvil but the path was yet to be decided. ''Modelling was an organic process. It started with photo-shoots for friends who were fashion designers and my seniors at University. Styling was my major and the graduation project was internship under an established stylist. Coincidentally I was offered modelling assignments on set and there was no looking back..'' she grinned. ''It's definitely not a very stable career as compared to other jobs but I'm a firm believer that if you love what you do and chase perfection and not the money, you definitely earn a big deal!''


Does she have alternate plans if modeling doesn't take her a long way, I prod. ''I'm extremely passionate about my job and thankfully I have supportive parents and an educational qualification that will help me secure a job should the need arise.’' So is it a wonder then that Sarah often has to hide from paparazzi behind oversized glares when she isn't shooting for Pepsi, e-bay, Big Bazaar? ’'I believe attitude tops the list, and models have to maintain their body and face to keep their game on, where the way one looks and carries themselves is important. I've done a couple of commercials and the experiences have all been enriching. There is always so much to learn! I was amazed at the hard work that goes into a 30-second commercial! So much effort is put in to pull off a shoot!! Yet I believe that my journey has just begun.. I want a lot more! You know, I aspire to make a short film that educates people on hygiene. Littering is awful and spitting on the road is a menace — it's high time people realised that!''


Impressed by the pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders, I ask her about fitness. ''I stay in shape by eating clean and working out which includes cardio, functional and strength training. Any form of exercise not only helps you stay in shape but you also feel good on the inside and it combats gloomy feelings (yes I've experienced it). Also, I guzzle down a litre of water as soon as I wake up and ensure I have water from a tender coconut everyday. you know, I think it’s a myth that models are people who just don't eat. I'm a foodie and on my cheat days, my friends are shocked at how much I can eat. I don't deprive myself of anything; moderation is the key.'' As we wrap up our conversation, she is dreaming about her future. ''I have auditions lined up for films aside from a commercial I will be shooting for a clothing brand'' she sighs. Well I wish her all the best!