Indian Models

I caught up with Sanjeev Rathi on his trip to Delhi for a shoot and the first thing I noticed about him is he's genuine focused on his career graph. Unlike others who live for the moment, Sanjeev is pursuing an MBA in Marketing to safeguard his future. "If I did not have a career in this industry I would most likely be in a corporate. Today my profession allows me to work hard and enjoy life while making a successful living from it!"


Though he is content with the way his career is shaping, he reveals his move from modeling to acting is orchestrated. "I have been confident about my abilities but I believe that dreams do not come true until you work on them though believing in yourself is half the work done! Protect your dream… always. On my first shoot itself Rahul Dutta told me I was photogenic. That boosted my confidence! If other models are content with campaigns and catwalks that's up to them but I want to create more for myself and my goal is acting. I want to be on the big screen and have begun treading down that path to realise this dream."


Does he have memorable moments that stand out in his career graph, I ask him? "Yes! The most exciting moments in my career include Subi Samuel shooting me for Fashion Drill on Zoom TV. Alison and Nethra Raghuraman were my mentors!! Other moments that stand out are shooting with Rahul Dutta and of course the test shoot for Mens Health as it is a dream to be in that magazine" he says animatedly. His advice to aspiring models? "Believe in your worth but have a back up plan." As we part ways, I wish him luck and cannot shake off the instinct that Sanjeev Rathi is going to be the next big discovery. He's that good.