Indian Models

The embryonal career of male model, Sanjeet Singh, is inspiring. The Delhi-based model has been modeling for less than a year but has enviable catwalk shows and campaigns in his folio. Over to him!


''I was born and brought up in Delhi though my father is from Rajasthan and my mom was born in UP and brought up in MP. So, yeah, I'm diverse. Modeling was pretty random for me because I never thought of being a model. I never though of being a model. I think God wanted me to be one and I'm enjoying being one now. I think all of it is already planned and I like to go with the flow in life. And at the age of 21 right now, I think I can experiment and take risks in life. That's the fun and exciting part giving you the adrenaline rush. I was called for an audition for the JD Annual Awards and I got selected… the journey began from there. So I have been modeling professionally since August 2015 after I completed Economics Honours from Hansraj College.


Today I love walking the ramp. I love travelling and meeting people. I have been to places I never imagined going and have shot on amazing locations. One learns a lot and it's a great experience. However a model definitely needs a back-up at some point as we need stability. For me, modeling is more about enjoying it till it lasts. I have the option of doing a job in the corporate sector or joining my father's business. As of now, modeling is treating me well and I'm loving the experience *touchwood.* I sometimes wonder what makes me different… I'm lean 6'3–191 cm with curly wavy hair and a distinct beard and moustache and a strong jaw line. And I think my eyes make me different. People feel they're intense and there's something special about it. Particularly when I'm in front of the camera. To me, they're the same old droopy sleepy looking eyes!! So I try to look the best I can! I go to the gym regularly though my diet is funny as I eat everything!! I thank my parents for high metabolism and good genes.


On a more serious note, I think the importance given to male models should increase. And it's getting better with time. Because there is a big market for men's fashion. I believe, everything will get better with time. Every job is a success for me. But if you ask me to name a few plum projects I've done, being a part of GQ Fashion Nights was one of the best experiences on the ramp. And shooting with Tarun Khiwal for Shantanu and Nikhil was a great experience too. Besides, I've done campaigns for Lecoanet Hemant, Kebab Xpress, Flipkart, Shantanu Nikhil etc. And I've walked the ramp for Manish Malhotra, Shantanu Nikhil, JJ Valaya, Raghuvendra Rathore, Troy Costa, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Lakme Fashion Week. I'm optimistic and hopeful about the future and as I said, everything is already planned. So I'll just cross my fingers and look ahead positively!! However my long-term professional goal is to experience European and US fashion overseas and I'm working towards it.''