Indian Models

Sam Chaubey began his career in modelling with the first edition of India Luxury Style Week and life has come a full circle in the run up to its much-awaited second edition. In conversation with the model who had courage to quit a stable career in corporates to follow his dream.


''How I entered the modelling fraternity is a dramatic story! I had a stable career in a corporate firm and struggling with life goals and dreams when I met Ramesh Dembla. I discovered newfound hope that I could be a model and immediately took a step forward by quitting my job and started afresh. I began taking keen interest in Fashion and all its related aspects and today I'm a part of it. I'm grateful I took this step as I'm enjoying this life and my profession gives me creative satisfaction. Of course, struggle is a part of every profession and it makes one tough. And today I'm really happy. I've walked for Ramesh Dembla, Being Human, Mars and Spencer, Bangalore Fashion Week, Himmat Singh at Vogue Fashion Tour and Max; tvcs for Amazon, Bangalore Royal Challenger and Myntra; shot for Arrow, Johnston Murphy, Flying Machine and Hypermarket amid others.


From experience, I advise new models — right person, right place, right time is the secret of success. Never look for a shortcut!! And maintain a strict diet and fitness regime. Speaking of that, staying fit is a challenge for me because I frequently travel for work assignments and don't get time to focus on my workout regime. Yet, I try to manage with a strict diet — research shows fitness depends on 70 per cent diet and  30 per cent workout so I eat egg white, protein and low carbs to maintain myself.''