Indian Models

Though he's insanely handsome, his simmering ambition, hard work and disarming honesty is worthy of hyperbole. Meet Sagar Midda whose journey began with social media posts that led to campaigns for Allen Solly, Levi Strauss, Raymonds, Louis Vuitton, HDFC Bank, Nike, Adidas and more!


''I've never been academically inclined, but realising the value of education, I graduated in commerce before pursuing modelling. From a young age, I loved Fashion, looking stylish and presentable, and if that earns me good money what could be better? Honestly, no other profession is a better fit! I'm lucky that my family is really supportive so I can wholeheartedly work hard and prepare my body to meet the demands of this profession.


My story is a bit different. While most models earn fame and then choose to share their journey on Instagram, I used to post fashion and fitness tips when I was unknown. My posts got popular, and as a result, my support base snowballed. Local Punjab brands began to offer me modelling assignments and gradually my connections helped me to reach out and grow in this industry. I'm working hard on myself, with regular workouts and healthy food. I hit the gym every day no matter what the day looks like!!


What do I feel makes me a good model? A model must have the looks, the body and the attitude. I can confidently say I have all three and this makes me the best face for brand promotions. Yes, some people do ask if my tattoos will make it difficult for a conservative campaign but this is not the case at all! Each tattoo is close to my heart, but with a good base and concealer, tattoos can be hidden to meet the requirement of a particular assignment! That said, I'm content with the way my career is shaping up. I have recently been part of a campaign by Renault, during which we attended Magnetic Field. It was one of my most memorable moments in Fashion!! In the near future, I'm shooting for a series for Netflix, which I still have to formally announce, and simultaneously working on campaigns! And I do hope I can diversify into acting some day.''