Indian Models

Hailing from Ajmer, free-spirited, independent Rushali Yadav Leather Design at NIFT, aspiring to create a niche on the global Fashion map. Her keen interest in both modelling and designing, her amicability and confidence in her abilities and the belief that women have the power to achieve a lot combined to make her winner of Face of India — launched by Badal Saboo in 2015 and today is one of the most prestigious pageants in Asian fashion.


''I never thought of being a model. When I was in first year of college, I started modelling and my interest developed in the field. I always wanted to do things that make me happy and modelling is one of them. I realised I can dedicate myself to modelling which began the transformation of a simple girl to the girl you see today.


Honestly, I don't do much to stay fit; it's the little things you do each day that add up to being healthy and fit, like three healthy meals a day; lots of water; workout for an hour and positivity. The happier you feel inside, the more it will be expressed outside. Speaking of the pageant, I read about it on social media and this platform stood out to me as one where I could showcase my talent and skill set to the best of my ability.  When I made it to the top18, contestants I was so excited about my journey but deep down I was nervous too because it was way outside my comfort zone. Finding your zone and your purpose requires a lot of exploring. The social interaction, the growing self-confidence and improved personal development are boosted tremendously. We got to meet new people and learn a lot from them. The interaction was healthy and we learnt the importance of remaining focused as well as dedicated to what we want to achieve. We were able to perform on a big stage with a pleasing smile as well as self-assurance. And our mentors took us through preparatory steps to ensure we presented ourselves with poise and make the best of our performance. As the pageant finale got closer, I felt less and less prepared, but I was mentally prepared for what's going to happen next.


The qualities i feel made me winner are confidence and positive self-image. Also the walk; the way you walk in your house is not the same as the way you walk on that stage. Silence can speak a thousand words. i owe this to my mentors who taught me how to walk in a way that it can speak for itself. Today, being a titleholder means representing my country with the best attributes that I have in me — courage, honesty and kindness. Gaining confidence with each and everything I do. And showing the world that this title will not be an empty one… showing the world that this title means something to me. I've worked really hard to give my best in the finale to be held in Korea. I have altered my diet and am focusing on professional walk training and grooming myself with the appropriate skill set to shine at the finale.


Based on my experience... the advice I would like to share with next season's contestants is — just be who you are and don't lose confidence. Nothing comes easily, so work hard and stay focused!''