Indian Models

As one of the in-demand male models, Rohit Maggu's star is on the rise. His deep passion for modelling is paying off big time as he steadily approaches his career with a dedication that is inspiring, racking up an impressive lineup of campaigns. Today he is a familiar presence on top tier runways and glossy magazines. When he walks out on to the catwalk, there is awed silence as all eyes follow him. He is that good. Over to him!


''Honestly speaking, when I was 16 I used to watch FTV and visualise myself as a professional model walking for the biggest designers I always had a burning desire in my heart to be a supermodel and I am glad I followed my dreams. Sure, people do talk about a more stable career: well, there is a story behind everything. My father was a businessman; unfortunately, after his sudden demise, the situation was really bad and I could not focus on my modeling career. I had a regular job with a modest salary. However, as mentioned earlier, I had a burning desire to pursue modelling, and with my father's blessings I ended up winning the title of 'Mr. Chandigarh' and then 'Mr. Punjab'. Today, with my father's blessings and waheguru ji's grace, I'm a professional model capable of earning a great living — although tons of hard work went into making me what I am today!


I feel I'm quite lucky to get such amazing work and the opportunity to work with the creme-de-la-creme of Fashion. It just worked for me. I love what I do and am completely dedicated to my craft. I have done a couple of print shoots with Blackberry, Boy London, Raymonds, Gillette etc, tvcs with Kangana Ranaut and Sushmita Sen, a television serial 'Warrior High' and web series 'Phir Se Ramsey'. I have walked for Splash in Lakme Fashion Week and FashionMe in Dubai. Pretty soon I am diversifying into acting. Integrity, punctuality and hard work sets me apart. I follow a strict diet and workout regimen. My day starts at 8 with aloe vera and gooseberry juice and after half an hour I take coconut water because it's good for the skin and stomach. Right after this, I hit the gym but before that I take good carbs like banana and of course working outs requires additional supplements like protein shakes, minerals, and multivitamins which takes care of hair, skin and nails. I eat whatever is necessary. One needs to follow a proper diet to get a good physique. 


There is no such thing as job satisfaction be it modeling or any other field. The craving for more and more is a driving force for me, as it is for many of us. As far as creativity is concerned, it is something that comes from within; the only thing one can do is polish yourself hone your skills with dedication and hard work over a period of time. I feel it's very important to keep changing your look and determine which look suits you. So my advice for aspiring models is, take care of your health, maintain a strict diet. get plenty of exercise ,sleep well and eat well, be well groomed and learn to promote yourself to get work. Above all, be confident and stay humble. 


Further, I'm looking forward to a couple of tvcs, print shoots and web-episodes. Ii'm always open to any and every kind of assignments. I never say no to work; it does not matter how big or small a project may be. Work is worship.''