Indian Models

Rishabh Bhardwaj was attracted to modelling since he was eighteen. Encouraged by his schoolteacher to participate in a local pageant gave him the confidence to pursue modeling as a profession. Seems it was the right decision! He has walked for key designers in India and Paris. Over to him.

''I began modeling at eighteen when I participated in Mr. Delhi 2012. Driven by my school teacher to participate, the experience at the pageant was invaluable. I won the title and also took the decision to pursue a career in modeling. Since then I have been working with several designers and brands including Rahul Mishra, Siddartha Tytler, Vikram Phadnis, Rocky S and have also walked for Paris Fashion Week.

That said, I work hard to maintain myself. My motto is, 'Eat everything, Digest everything'. To stay fit, I personally believe eating meals at the right time, and the right amount, is salient. Being a sportsman, I enjoy playing cricket, tennis and running for leisure which contributes to my fitness regimen. I've often been asked how I developed my personal style. For me, style is synonymous with comfort. If I feel comfortable wearing a golden suit for an occasion, I would wear it. If a simple white shirt and jeans look better in a casual environment, I would go for it. The key is comfort. Though I transition through different phases, lately I have been inspired by Rahi Chaddha. His style is effortless and he has a great sartorial sense that highlights bold statements and self-expression.

Work is shaping up. I walked for international Paris Fashion Week in September 2018. This golden opportunity was provided by a Dubai-based agency. The experience was invaluable. I met several international fashion influencers and models, learnt about their journey and saw the world of fashion through culturally different point of views. This experience has organically transitioned me to become better at what I love! Believing heavily in the saying, 'If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade. Embrace it and Live it', I can say I lived mine. Paris, the capital of fashion, is a tick on every model's to-do list. I got the opportunity to walk for Rahul Mishra and Ashok Maanay at Paris Fashion Week. I was nervous at first but once I walked on the ramp, I felt pride and developed the confidence to walk on any fashion runway in the world. From my perspective, fashion weeks overseas are a little different from those in India because they are on a larger scale with the world’s most renowned brands showcasing their collection, worn by A-list International models. Additionally, the show is systematically organized and less prone to fashion malfunctions, crisis and human errors.

I feel quality of work is more important than the number of assignments. My father has always told me that, 'Do one thing, but do it the best without thinking about the ripened fruits you will get'. Today, I amI satisfied with the work I deliver without really thinking about the economic climate. I believe money follows success. Speaking from experience and observing the industry, with no filters, the one thing I would really want to revolutionise or change in the modeling industry is the idea of climbing the ladder of success by compromises. In other words, talent is what matters and the idea of compromise is absurd if talent is directed in the right direction, at the right opportunities. Another thing that can be looked into are gender pay gaps!!

I have often been asked if I get job satisfaction from modelling and this question reminds me of a dialogue from the movie 'Italian Job', 'You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!'.  According to me, it is essential to grow and expand yourself every day, every second. I don't believe in restricting myself to one door but knocking at all possible opportunity doors that can help me grow as an individual. I have been working as an influence and content creator since the pandemic loomed over us and will continue this as part of my skill set. Post pandemic, I think the world will be a better place with more opportunities and optimism.''