Indian Models

Delhi-based Rehan M is living the dream; he is of one of the good male models in Indian Fashion and aspiring to make it to the next level. In conversation with him.


''I always knew I had the looks but I was unsure I would make it from the small town I hail from so I shifted base from Mendhar, Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir to Delhi and every second person I met here noticed my looks and advised me to try my hand at modelling. This dream became an all-consuming passion and pretty soon I began working towards it… and here we are.  What I love most about modelling is the freedom to be myself in front of the camera, without any inhibitions, and that keeps me coming back for more. I always ask my client what he or she wants — usually the campaigns are story-based or creative and I try to get the feel of what the creative director is looking for from my character…. and put my heart and soul into it.''


Rehan is one of the fittest models and spends a lot of time working on himself. What is your diet and workout regimen, I ask him? I workout four days a week. Either I lift weights or run. That keeps me on track. Because, putting in work is the only way to achieve any goal! I confess I eat a lot but I try to maximise protein intake and avoid carbs and fried food… if I do indulge in the latter, I don't get good sleep.''


''There have been many milestone moments in my career. I still remember the day I got my first show and Rocky Star was so kind and was everyone else there and it instilled in me the confidence that I could do this! That was my break!! Since, I have done several prolific campaigns and shows. Walking for Pawan Sachdeva at FDCI India Fashion Week, Antar Agni for Lakmé Fashion Week and Narendra Kumar for Times Fashion Week are assignments I can never forget. The fashion weeks were followed by great brand campaigns and each one of them is a milestone in my embryonic career. By the grace of the almighty I have great assignments lined up in the near future and I am also working on my acting skills so let's see what comes next. I am grateful to be in this industry and working very hard to get to the next level.’'


We wish him luck. Although he's undoubtedly good-looking and charming, his quiet determination, hard work and focussed vision is worthy of hyperbole.

— Jasmeen Dugal