Indian Models

His journey into the fashion industry began in late 2013. After completing Masters in Business Administration from ICFAI Business School, he landed a corporate job and juggled his work with modelling assignments. But now, Raghu Katal, with his killer looks and toned physique, is a sought-after model. ''The corporate lifestyle didn’t excite me but it was after two years that I realised I'm not meant for the job. I was looking for a way out and that's when modelling happened. For some time, I juggled my job and modelling assignments but it was too hectic. So I quit, took modelling seriously and run a small consulting business.''


''What drew me to modelling was the opportunity to indulge my passion for travelling, which would have been difficult in the line of work I was in. My dad was in the army so we travelled extensively and that fanned my interest for exploring new places. My first big assignment was for Red Tape shot by Shivaji; he is an amazing photographer. I had a great experience; the team was supportive and results were amazing! Everyone tells me I'm different and when I think about it I feel it's my attitude in front of the camera that makes me different…'' With his laidback elegance and intelligent vibe, Raghu Katal has become one of the most visible models of the moment. His enviable career trajectory began with a recent trip to Shanghai where he walked for iconic brands Armani, Canali and Ermenegildo Zegna. ''From the time I got scouted, I have been on the move. I usually fly in for one- or two-day shoots or showings. Sightseeing is rare but at times the location is magnificent. A production team may have scouted a place that is off the tourist track so I get the opportunity to experience places and culture I wouldn’t normally get to see!''


Yet he maintains an upbeat attitude. ''People presume there is cut-throat rivalry in this field. It’s difficult for me to comment on this because the boys have always been sweet and appreciate the work I'm doing. Sure, I have heard rumours but it hardly matters! I love an assignment where there is freedom of creative expression! Creativity depends on the photographer and the stylist; if they allow a model to experiment with poses and expressions, the results can be amazing and at the end of the day the entire team is satisfied. Acting is a form of creativity so I've been working on my skills! Well, here's looking to good work this season — I have shows and shoots lined up; apart from that, I'm exploring new opportunities presented by agencies in Cape Town, Malaysia, and Dubai'' he grins. As a fashion editor, I see Raghu Katal solidifying his place in the modelling industry as someone with the distinctive ability to combine good looks with good judgment.