Indian Models

Actor and model Raghav Fernandez is carving a niche in Indian fashion and films with hard work, determination and positivity. It helps that he is lithe with perfect skin and the kind of graceful gait that runway dreams are made of. When he isn’t working with top designers, he is working on himself. Over to the young man from Delhi.
“I've always been passionate about body positivity and wanted to do something creative but honestly I stepped into the industry on a whim. I was attracted me to modeling but I wasn't sure if I had it in me as I was skinny as hell back then. However, I took a call to work on myself as I have always been inspired by athletic bodybuilders. I wanted to join modeling to break the stereo-type, and luckily I was approached on Instagram with a modelling offer!! When it kicked off, I realised I had it in me to shatter these stereotypes if I continue working hard… and the best part is that I get paid for it! There's been no looking back since. Fortunately, the support and opportunities I’ve been given just for being me were surprising and it’s been such a confidence boost!!

Of course, the competition is fierce so continually work hard on myself. Besides, for me. fitness is a lifestyle. My regimen is simple and disciplined. I always make sure I workout wherever I am, be it running, swimming, or gymming. I have been weight lifting since nine years and can't sleep until I workout. I am disciplined and dedicated to my workout regimen, particularly since I am a professional model today and one has to look perfect every hour of the day!! But I love what I do and make it a point to wake up early, be punctuality, sport a positive attitude and look sharp.

That said, modeling is easy money and it’s fun; you get meet a lot of new people and learn a lot of things. But yeah, the most challenging part of being a model and an actor is the uncertain career trajectory which gets me anxious sometimes but I guess one must have faith in themselves and try to be better than yesterday. That is what I believe. And I’m grateful I've walked for top designers Varun Bahl, Rocky S, Abhinav Mishra, Shantung Nikhil and Ken Ferns and been a part of Lakme Fashion Week, India Fashion Week and Delhi Times Fashion Week. I have also done campaigns for Canon Digitek, Cantabil, Blackberry and others. But there is one project that stands out in memory. I still remember the time I was at the audition for asitis Supplement by Zenith Nutrition; they were planning to do a campaign and tvc for the brand and I auditioned among150-odd fitness models!! I was super nervous but my audition went really well and I finally did the shoot; after a month they announced me as a brand ambassador, so yeah, it is a hell of a memory… one I won’t forget till eternity.

My biggest success is my dedication to building my body and my personality, which has got me most things I've wanted. That said, a lot of people advised me to diversify to television serials and web series, saying 'you will look amazing on screen because you have that kind of face….’  So I began working on my acting skills and with time I got signed on with some really good projects and have so many things coming up. I won’t lie; i just got lucky. God has been very kind to me. It just happened… one fine day I got a text from a friend, which read “hey there’s this dop who is looking for a second lead actor. I shared my profile, met him, and *boom* I landed an amazing short film and a web series too. I can’t disclose the names and details though because of my contract stipulations.

What I love most about what I do is that it allows me to be creative and express myself. The most challenging part is always finding new and fresh ideas to keep my work interesting. I would like to share something from my own experience — If you're not from the industry, it’s very difficult to get into the door. And it doesn’t stop there. Once you’re in the door, you still have to fight to maximise the limited space you’ve been given. It was really really difficult; you don’t know how to meet the right people, influential people… you just go through the rigmarole which is quite a long process, but, yes once you go through the process, things do get easier. Yet, if it just doesn’t work out, please change your career path and create a life you and your family can be proud of."

— Jasmeen Dugal