Indian Models

Former cricketer and model Raghav Fernandez is slowly carving a niche in indian fashion with hard work, determination and positivity. Over to the young man from Delhi.


''Ever since I was a teen I loved cricket and wanted to play for the country. But my dreams stopped short due to a serious injury in my ankle. I could no longer play. I've also always wanted to do something creative and later was attracted to modeling. Honestly I wasn't sure if I had it in me as I was skinny as hell and people always made fun of my physique. But I took a call to work hard on myself as I have always been inspired by athletic bodybuilders — until I became one — and then I was always surrounded by girls [grinning]. So, I finally took a shot at modeling… and there's been no looking back since.


Competition is fierce is in this field so I am continually working hard on myself. I have been weight lifting since six years now and can't sleep until I workout. I am disciplined and dedicated to my workout regimen, particularly since I am a professional model today and one has to look perfect every hour of the day!! It's hard for a middle class guy to carve a niche in the industry where you get judged by what you wear, what you drive, and how you talk but I somehow managed with the bare minimum. I love what I do and make it a point to wake up early, be punctuality, sport a positive attitude and look sharp.


I'm grateful that I've worked in good campaigns and walked for top designers like Varun Bahl, Rocky S and Ken Ferns. My biggest success is my dedication to building my body and my personality, which has got me most things I've wanted. That said, a lot of people advised me to diversify to television serials, saying 'you will look amazing on TV because you have that kind of face….' That has really inspired me and I will not rest until I get there!!


From my own experience, I feel bad that this industry plays favourites. It's very unfair to models who work so hard and are left out. Besides, a lot of people, be it from within the industry or not, have this misconception that models don't have self respect and can do anything for money. This is the worst kind of stereotype which I hope I can dissipate! All that is important to succeed is hard work; no matter how great you look you cannot get work sitting home or throwing tantrums!''

— Jasmeen Dugal