Indian Models

This spirited beauty entered the Fashion fraternity with a dream debut in MTV Splitsvilla. And she's here to slay. In conversation with Priyanka Chauhan.


''I hail from the queen of hills, SHIMLA. A girl with a strong perspective of life. I didn't wanted to do injustice to the only life I have by settling for something conventional. As a kid too, I never wanted to settle for something simple and easy; I always wanted to be exceptional. Because I used to get compliments from everyone that I was beautiful, in back of my mind, I aspired towards the modelling industry. I wanted to stand out. I guess, it was in me and it is in me. Basic, bores me.''


Modelling just happened! Like they say, "life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans." I was doing my engineering in Bangalore and one day a friend gave me an email address and asked to forward my pictures. It was for MTV Splitsvilla. So, I did; they liked my pictures and asked me to make a video for them, answering a few questions. One thing led to another. My friends had no faith in me that I could do it or I would get selected, but turns out, I was. It was surprising for me as well!! You know, the best thing about modelling is that it enhances the beauty of a person. Modelling is all about the way you carry yourself and how you present yourself. 


However I have always believed in a backup ,whether it is life or career. I have always tried my hands in styling since I love experimenting on different styles and what is trending. I think I can rely on styling if the workflow in modelling is less since it is what I was known for back in Shimla. Besides, everyone is different and beautiful in one or the other; I am different because no one is me — and that's the irony! Speaking about modelling, models are stereotyped as tall and skinny; I am not tall enough for most catwalk shows. I really want to break this stereotype and set an example to young girls who aspire to be models but are just a little short. I feel every body type, every skin type should be given a chance. We should stop stereotyping. Ashley Graham is slaying in her bikini pictures — she shut the stereotype down! She's comfortable the way she is and that is how everyone should be  No matter how you are, if you have it in you, you can do wonders!! 


Speaking of milestones, I would say MTV Splitsvilla was my stepping stone and it's really close to my heart. It was my first venture and boosted confidence in me. It was Season 6, almost four years back, but people still remember me as a Splitsvilla contestant and that feels really great!! After Splitsvilla, a lot happened in my personal life, health wise. I came down to less than 35 kgs and it took two years for me to recover.  After that, I started working on myself, on my body, because I was a mess. I had to work on gaining weight and started working out. I eat everything and anything though, thanks to my metabolism. Side by side, I started looking for work as well but didn't get much other than a few cameos, a commercial for Fair n Lovely, a ramp show for wella, a shoot done with Pop Culture and … I'm back with a bang! I hope to excel in whatever I do and leave a mark. On a personal note, my personal style is very bohemian. I want to make a statement with my look. so hairstyle plays a vital role.  And my style keeps changing with what's hot. Change is constant and we have to learn to embrace it.''


Agency: Pop Culture Talents- Mumbai
Photography  Aditya Singh Rajput
MUA: Pradeep Pande