Indian Models

The term diva is worn thin from misapplication, but it summoned just one image this afternoon—feisty beauty Preeti Dhata. Based in Delhi, she began modeling quite by coincidence—a photographer noticed her potential while she was travelling home from college in the local train, and excited at the prospect of entering the world of glamour, her first step was enrolling with Elite Model Management.


There has been no looking back since. Preeti Dhata has carved a niche in the Indian modeling industry, and often has to hide her kohl-rimmed eyes from the paparazzi behind oversized glares when she is not shooting for L'Oreal, Royal Enfield with none other than Milind Soman, editorials for Conde Nast Traveller and for HiBlitz draped in Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna… the list goes on. What is on her plate these days? "My debut at Lakme Fashion Week!! We have a tight, pre-set schedule for each day. I wake up at 6 a.m., try to work out at home if I have energy and then get ready. A cab takes me and two other models to the venue and once there, we go for breakfast followed by fittings that begin as per schedule. Amidst all this rush, I catch up with friends and I carry a book or my iPod to listen to music if I get bored. We have 4-5 fittings a day. Fashion Week is a great time to meet important people. It might sound strenuous but it is fun… dressing up is fun! Between fittings, we get breaks for lunch, dinner and tea. After fittings, we are pretty drained so I head home. So far, this is how the days are progressing but once fashion week begins, things will move much faster and it will be great fun! Many of my friends are also doing a few of the shows so it is great to catch up with them!"


Does she have alternate plans in mind if modeling does not take her a long way, I prod. "Well, I like to write so it will be something to do with writing! I have a degree in Business Management so I do not mind working in an advertising agency as a copywriter though desk jobs really are not something that I would want to do…"

— Jasmeen Dugal
Photographs — Elite Model Management