Indian Models

''What makes me think I have it in me to be a winner? I'm super ambitious, hardworking and compassionate. I'm a confident girl who strives to achieve her dreams.'' Well, who would have thought a graduate in accountancy and finance — with a diploma in aviation — would be a fashion model one day? In conversation with Pooja Shetty.


''I believe when you follow your passion you soar greater heights in life. As a child, I used to love being in front of the camera. When I entered college and started participating in college fests, I recognised my increasing passion for modelling. So I began learning the ropes, taking care of my diet and intensively researched Fashion. That's how my journey in modelling began and I'm happy with my decision. You know, I started out with no guidance. I hail from a small town where people are not aware about modelling so I failed many times; however each time I failed I was even more determined to achieve my goal.


My never-give-up attitude is what made me a model. Participating in Glam Icon groomed me and gave me a platform to showcase my talent to the industry. I love learning new things and I’m always ready to experiment with new concepts in modelling. To get through auditions wasn't an easy task and to be a finalist was in itself a achievement. I took the opportunity seriously and learnt from this journey. God has been kind. I have walked for acclaimed designers, worked in commercials for Dove, Hotstar, Bluestone and Sonata co-starring Sushant Singh Rajput, campaign shoot for FBB, digital print for Airtel and was finalist of Indian Princess 2016.


Most people do not know it's a myth that all models workout for hours in the gym and diet. Honestly speaking, I've never joined a gym till date! I'm not much into streetfood or junk food and I guess that's what helps me stay fit. I prefer homemade food so eating clean comes naturally to me. Whenever I'm free, I like dancing or running so these activities constitute my fitness routine! Today, I am super excited to walk for India Beach Week in Goa. See you there!''