Indian Models

"Live Your Dreams is my life motto and I absolutely live by it. To be in show business as a model and actor was my childhood dream and I chased it. The kind of work satisfaction I'm experiencing is beyond explanation" reveals Mr India Global Phany Padaraju. Some impressive campaigns I've done include Abercrombie and Fitch in Germany. The way their team works with a model is amazing! Zegna is another brand I worked with in Germany; I enjoyed that shoot primarily because of the photographer who transformed my looks and gave me the lowdown on posing. The campaign was so playful… and this was my first shoot ever!"


So what makes him different, I ask? "One need to have the right attitude to be a successful model and then comes a unique face and perfect body. I have come across really good looking guys who could not achieve the success that I am enjoying and the only difference which differentiated me from them was attitude" he responds thoughtfully and adds "Winning Mr. India Global and Mr. Model International form the most unforgettable moments in my life and my biggest success! It was not a planned move to enter the pageant!! During a shoot with a friend who has also done a shoot for the pageant, the topic came up and I approached the organisers. On confirmation of participation, I did research on the pageant and then worked on segments like questionnaires, stage presence and poses for the shoot. It was challenging to balance stress and remain confident. Also, I underwent a weeklong grooming session with the other contestants so clashes were quite normal. It was so difficult to be friendly with everyone without belonging to a group! But research, hard work and presence of mind paid off. I guess what appealed to the jury was that I was not fake. I came across as the person I am, and have been, and that cleared the way for success both in India and in the US. Winning the titles was a game changer in my career, earned me respect and I began getting good assignments without auditioning for them. I thank God for this opportunity."


How does he stay in shape since this is the high point in his career, I prod? "Quite simple! I eat healthy and tasty, do regular workouts and meditation. I would like to do Yoga too to make my body flexible. The misconception that all models are steroid babies irritates me because this is not true! I myself depend on the natural process of body shaping although no one believes me" he winks. Well, the future seems bright for the young man. "I relocated from Germany to become an actor in India and after winning the titles I am doing Telugu, Kannada bilingual films and have a few other projects in the south."