Indian Models

I met Parth Dutta years ago at a fashion week in Bengaluru. We made a point to stay in touch and I'm proud as a friend that his focus and hard work is paying off in spades. He steadily approached his career with a dedication that is inspiring, racking up an impressive lineup of campaigns and runway shows. PS Few know he's an impressive food blogger too! Over to him.


''I began my career as a fitness model for India's first health and wellness website, fitho, which motivated me to diversify from engineering to modeling. I'm grateful that my first project was impactful and I began working in commercial modeling assignments for over two years before I walked for a fashion show in 2017. There has been no looking back since. It was a dream run… India Couture Week, India Fashion Week, and one of favourites this year, Lakme Fashion Week, where I walked for the grand finale on my birthday! The best birthday ever!! It's been one exciting journey — I made great friends and I won't forget to thank you here for the first interview I ever did before a fashion week in Bangalore; will always be grateful.


You know, I'm pretty sure I've always been aware about my appeal. In fashion, one must catch the eye both ON and OFF the catwalk. We are models and we are proud of being attractive, be it in fashionable garments during fashion weeks or fit bodies post it. Of course, there is competition; it's getting more competitive each day, be it new attractive faces or the acceptance of models of all sizes. But I happily welcome talent and competition. Yes, one has to stay fit to sustain in this industry but I've always been good in sports and running is one of my favourites. I never miss running a single day and run a minimum 10- km each time. It has been my fitness mantra for life with some basic weight training over the weekend.


One of the best professional advice I have been given is to take our job very seriously, never be lazy about any assignment we get and respect work be it of any genre — e-com or some new organisations singing us for their fashion shows — support small projects and startups by giving our best 100 per cent in the same way we work for the established ones. I always heed this advice. Having consistently worked for a long time in this industry, I am quite happy with the way we are working. Everyone is doing good in their own way and giving their hundred per cent. Be it models or designers. Everyone wants to deliver their best and I would love it if it continues like this. Meanwhile there are quite a new money making pageants lately which I would seriously like to change and I always advice young new talent not to fall for such things and waste roughly fifty thousand rupees for participation. Instead, invest it on a good fashion portfolio, work on your personality and figure how to carve a niche in the industry. That would be a better option any day!! That said, all our senior models have been quite helpful and supportive since the beginning. the only thing I wish I could change is the habit of smoking just to look cool. I would love to change this theory which says that if you are a part of the fashion industry, you must drink and smoke. NO, that it not how it should be. One can easily avoid it and still work well and enjoy all the perks of fashion and fashion parties!!


What have i been doing of late? Before lockdown things were good. I walked for Lakme Fashion Week, shot for an editorial in Bazaar India, a designer campaign in Agra, walked for Tarun Tahiliani at Emporio and recently shot for a campaign for Fabindia which is out in stores and Internet banners now. Work was peaking before lockdown and I expect the same work flow post- pandemic. I'm positive about it. people ask if i have thought of an alternate career post- pandemic but honestly I haven't as my family has always been very supportive about my modeling career and I'm positive i can sustain here post- pandemic too. I have given my hundred per cent and would love to continue giving my best. Instead of any negative thoughts I have taken this lockdown as a break and am focused on how to restart and get back in business. Lockdown has been quite good — I've been working on my cooking skills. The food blogger inside me always keeps pushing me to experiment with food!! Post lockdown I would love to continue modeling and food blogging and would love your company and support for more blogging options, like always.''