Indian Models

Even though he just entered the modeling fraternity, Pankit Dahiya is poised to be the next big thing. He is steadily approaching his career with dedication, positivity and optimism that is inspiring. And why not? He lives and breathes Fashion with his curled rakish hair and tousled jeans. Over to him!


''I'm a simple sorted guy from Haryana who loves to enjoy life to the fullest. Before modelling, I used to play cricket on the national level. I started playing at fifteen, took coaching in my city Bahadurgarh and played for five years. But unfortunately I discontinued it when I lost someone close to me. ​Professionally I chose modelling over a conservative career because I love challenges and this industry demands a lot from you. Secondly, I was not good at studies so it wasn't a point for me to continue it. Even my parents had no hopes from me academically! Owing to God's grace, I have a good height and different looks so people started suggesting modeling and I found it interesting too. So here I am!


My first show was for Asian Designer Week. It was a dream come true. I had no idea what to do. I was way too scared and nervous but I was sure that this is my calling and I have to do it. When i went backstage I saw lot of hot models which made me nervous but motivated too as I was one of them now. I remember getting butterflies in my stomach when I was just about to all the ramp but ultimately it was like a beautiful dream! I learnt a lot from my first experience.​Modeling is all about confidence and I'm now confident about myself, my body and my choices. I've been getting compliments for my looks and that keeps me motivated. The good thing is that whenever I decide to do something I give it my hundred percent to achieve it.


I work hard on myself though it helps that I've always been a sports man and love staying fit and challenging my body. I'm a big foodie but I have to be strict with my diet now as modeling demands fitness. My diet includes oats and boiled eggs in the morning, chicken and brown rice for lunch, almonds and cashews in the evening, and carbs at night like sweet potatoes, egg and broccoli. That's the secret of my fitness. And though people advise me to keep a back-up plan or parallel career, I feel it's too early for that. I'm young and have time to experiment. I'm focused and I'm giving my 100 per cent but still if this doesn't work out then I am ready to try my hand at other careers. I have a degree in physical education and was a national level sportsman so I can open a fitness center in my city and spread awareness about the importance of being fit. Or perhaps give cricket coaching!"