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Imagine a Bachelor of Fine Arts going through life having girls ogling him because of his height, body and storybook features. Imagine being relentlessly evaluated, judged and sized up solely on his looks when he has so much more to offer. Tough eh? Well, models are people, too! They have ambitions, hopes and hobbies beyond the catwalk… well some do. When we poured over Apeejay College graduate Nitin Chauhan's portfolio the first thing that came to mind was he was treading up the path to the big league and he confirmed our opinion by revealing the nicest compliment he has received till date. "I was told "you are capable to walk on any ramp" by designer Rohit Bal!"


"Though at this moment, I have given priority to modelling I religiously practice Fine Art and am proficient in sketching, cartooning making posters and graphic designing," he says. So how did the world of glamour lure him in, I ask? "I can never forget the moment I got selected Mr. Lavanya—the biggest fashion show at college. This was the defining moment when I took a decision to transform a hobby into a profession. It was Destiny. When I started getting compliments of "flamboyant" and "dazzling," I took shelter under this fabulous roof! The competition among male models is alarming. Every day hundreds of boys are lured towards this profession. It was strange and new. I did not know ABC of modelling. Initially I made my portfolio from money I had saved for college fees! Slow and steadily, I also jumped into this fray and I learnt you have to be determined and tough to survive this mud-slugging game. I learnt that situations can be sticky not only for the girls but for boys too. It is a messy game but then a lotus flourishes in the mud right? I am sure that I will also flourish like a lotus from this heterogeneous world of glamour."


Surely there must be some memorable incident or an anecdote he remembers with a smile, I persist? "There was incident that is embarrassing but hilarious. Last year, I participated in a show in Chandigarh. I do not know what happened to my lower attire while the show was on. It was just about to drop down when it was my turn to walk on to the ramp! On ramp, there was nonstop tick-tick in my heart and I was praying: Please God, save me… I will donate Rs. 51 as Prasad. By His grace, I walked on the ramp safely. Otherwise, I would be flashed on news channels in underpants and Censor Board would allege that I had done this stunt for popularity!! On that day, I understood the real meaning of "the show must go on…"


Recently Nitin Chauhan has come into the limelight with a creative mood catalogue for JJ Valaya. "I want to establish myself as a supermodel and good actor. And I am sure this challenging journey will lead me to my aspired destination." Amen.

— Jasmeen Dugal

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