Indian Models

This young model from Baroda has scaled heights. From aspiring to be an air force pilot to being crowned Navy Queen, Namrata Shetty is independent, intelligent and beautiful.


"I'm half South Indian from my father's side and half Maharashtrian from my mother's side and I was born and brought up in a small town Baroda, Gujarat. Hybrids are always better species :-) I always wanted to become an India Air Force Pilot and be of some help to my country. Modelling was nowhere in my list of careers to aspire towards. But due to certain reasons it couldn't happen. I was persuaded by my elder sister — who believed I have super long legs and super slim body LOL — to take part in a beauty pageant in Mumbai which took my life on a different tangent. I was then a small town girl dreaming big.

People believe models should always have an alternate career due to its fickle nature. What does she think, I ask? "I believe one should have an alternative source of income rather than an alternative career. And walk towards your passion becoming your profession. This way your priorities are straight and clear. My father is a businessman and I take care of couple of his projects for an alternate source of income" she explains and then adds "No job is easy, so is being a model. A good model must have a fit body, an expressive face, the correct attitude, good height etc. But what makes you different is your sense of discipline and dedication. I live up to it. Every assignment I did made me a better model, each one giving me a better understanding of this profession and invaluable experience. All of them has been close to my heart, the recent one being a show for Vikram Phadnis celebrating 25 years of fashion, which was an epic nite! The industry has given me a lot. I have good friends, good work, have established my identity and above all I am happy having done it all by myself. What could be better quoted as success? And.. there's lot more to come! It can only get bigger and better — for the industry to be a better place, we should be committed towards our work."


Is there a fitness regime she follows? "I believe in being fit, but everybody has a different body type and metabolism rate. That way I'm blessed. I don't workout at all but I make sure not to skip brisk walks whenever I can. It works on the overall body plus stimulates blood circulation. I also follow natural detoxification once a month for a couple of days which sorts me out to stay healthy and fit in mind, body and soul” she answers adding with a sigh "Sushmita Sen is the icon to maximum models like me. Her aura, grace and intelligence has been always been fascinating and keeps motivating me to become like her. The true DIVA."


Nice! So what does the future have in store for her? "No specific goals. I switch to a new goal after achieving one. But I dream of opening a school for the girl child where education and accommodation is free so that every girl gets educated in the field they want to without any pressures and compulsion from family and society. Then we'll have stronger and more independent women in the future of this this I'm sure. I have gone through this so I understand. For my future projects follow me on Instagram 'n' Facebook ;-)"