Indian Models

Mitali Rannorey is a style icon. Her sculptural beauty—the long neck, the charming smile and those cheekbones—was a revelation when she hit the ramp. She's also an actor and made her presence felt in 'Dear Zindagi'. In conversation.


"I hail from Bangalore and just like how any Bangalorean is trained to be, I was studying to be a telecom engineer. In fact, I had just completed my graduation and modeling happened. What attracted me towards modeling was the fact that I enjoy being on the edge. I’m glad to not be in a stable situation and this way I look forward to new things everyday! That said, I'm dedicated to my job and never take anything for granted. I put in my best everyday. To stay fit, which is a requisite for models, I run. I don't have any diet in particular though.


Other than modeling, I played the part of a warrior in the film, 'Dear Zindagi'. I was so nervous because it was the first time I was trying my hand at acting. Every scene was an experience, right from horse riding and sword fighting to firing. These were the most adventurous moments in my life — and it happened all in just one day! I'm glad I chose modeling and acting as a career and feel content with what I’m doing. I haven’t thought about diversifying at all and am sure things will fall into place automatically. From experience, I'd like to share nuggets of wisdom for new models — be hardworking and dedicated. It'll take you a long way! Focus on yourself and your aim. Nothing can stop you!!"