Indian Models

She balances her primary careers — teaching and modeling — with élan and grins she couldn't be happier. Meet Manpreet Kaur.


''I was always attracted to glamour since my teenage days. Though I'm already in a stable career working for a UK-based firm as a speech and drama trainer, that isn't enough for me because Fashion is more than a deep passion. To be a model is what I have always dreamt of; it is what I always wanted. So, today, I've a pretty hectic schedule that includes teaching and modelling, and I couldn't be happier!


Speaking of my body of work, I walked for Jaipur Premium with Alesia Raut, and for Hemant Trivedi and Bibi Russel under the direction of Prasad Bidapa. The future looks bright: there are events, shows and shoots lined up in Jaipur, Delhi and Goa. Contrary to popular perception, it takes more than just a pretty face! Modeling is an expressive art form that narrates a story, without words. I can show movement in a still picture and I think it's incredible to have mastered such a skill! I do feel I have the right attitude and looks to be a successful model. Plus I'm determined to excel at everything I'm told to do including working offbeat hours and wearing crazy outfits! Eating right is the best mantra to stay fit and that's what I do in addition to a strict workout regime; I'm a kathak dancer too and my dance routines is a fitness add-on!"