Indian Models

Manjul Menon has keen interest in modeling but doesn't wear rose-tinted glasses. He is aware of it could be short-lived and is always learning about the different facets of Fashion to maintain his growth in the industry. In conversation.


''I always had a keen interest in modeling. However, try as I might, I can't will myself to feel job satisfaction despite good assignments because this industry needs fresh faces and talent every day. Moreover, we don't get assignments on an everyday basis unlike a regular job. At some point, everybody needs a stable job and stainable income. Considering these facts, I personally don't consider modelling as the only profession; there has to be a back-up.


That said, all models have a unique style. The way I carry myself, the way I walk the ramp and the experiences I have accumulated and learnt from while working in this industry makes me a good model. I believe in myself. I'm hardworking and interested in all aspects of Fashion and I believe it would lead me towards my next step for growth in this industry. Meanwhile, I work hard to maintain myself — I stick to a clean, low calorie diet which contains veggies, fruits and high protein food. I workout focusing on cardio and free weight exercises and concentrate on a flexible, lean physique. That sais, I'm happy with way my career is shaping though. I've done a campaign shoot with Hilton International Hotels, was shortlisted for Face of Honor at India Fashion Week, and walked for good designers.''