Indian Models

Initially Manisha Singh was confused where and how to embark on a career and then she took the decision to try modelling because she had a good height and features.


"Once I embarked on this career, I realized that this is the one thing which gives me more satisfaction than anything else can give; it heals me and makes me forget the pains I have endured in life. once my mind was made, I wanted to join a professional agency and my cousin told me about Cocoaberry. What I love about it is that they seriously make a lot of effort for each model. Anjali and Alesia Raut groomed me so much; they not only groomed me but also guided me on the path I should take, which is incredible! They are the best mentors I could ever have!


I believe in myself, I have faith,I have height, I have looks and I am groomed by the best models in this industry so all of these combined make me good in my field. That said, I continually work to improve myself. I workout and focus on abs and plank and I always eat healthy homemade food. Professionally, I am excited about what the future holds. I think modeling is not only about walk; it is about looks, attitude and glamour and it opens other fields too. Right now I am excited about walking for Pune Fashion Week because this is a platform which will support my dreams and enhance my confidence! Moreover I will get the opportunity to work with talented designers."