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Madhushree Gupta gave wings to her dreams. While focussing on software engineering, she actively pursued her dreams of modelling … until her efforts were rewarded. Meet the girl who has made Hyderabad proud.


''I was a software engineer with dreams of becoming a model outside the frame of the 9-to-6 cubicle. From being a studious, bespectacled small town girl, where I have seen girls in my home town giving up their dreams and aspirations because they were apprehensive of judgement, I wished to be different. It was during my teenage years that I took a keen interesting in browsing fashion magazines. The confidence and the style of models attracted me the most… and I began dreaming of modeling some day. I had the option to settle for a conservative career but I believe that magic happens outside the comfort zone… my heart led me towards modelling and here I am. I have always believed — Be the change you want to see. And I followed it. My family slowly came to terms with my decision and are good with it.


The newly found confidence makes me a good model. I work hard on maintaining a diet and workout regime. I aim to have a no-sugar and low carb diet throughout the day and make sure I work out for an hour after office, each day. Yeah I do have cheat days but I pledge to workout some more after enjoying it!! My most memorable experience has been as a contestant of Miss India International. Interacting with girls from all across the country was an enriching experience. Hailing from Hyderabad, I loved fashion shows that exhibited handloom Khadi. Walking for these shows introduced me to indigenous designs in khadi, which has always fascinated me. Although I get job satisfaction from modelling I wish to diversify and become an artist some day. And I am open to new opportunities in related fields as well, be it acting or anchoring. Of course, there is always a plan B, considering my practical outlook. I'm a software engineer trained in SAP technology so I can rely on it if something doesn't work out. From my experience, I would like to share advice for models entering the industry — be down to earth. An attitude of gratitude takes you a long way.''


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