Indian Models

The first thing I noticed about Lokesh Kori is that he's startlingly handsome — with a sculpted body, smouldering looks and an attitude made for the catwalk and camera, he's skyrocketing to fame, all the while polite, positive and a gentleman. Over to Loki.


''I hail from the city of lakes — Bhopal. As a teen, I never thought I would become a model some day and I never planned for that. I did Bachelor of Technology and worked in firms like Capgemini and Tata Consultancy Services as Project Lead for seven years. Modelling became a latent passion then… and a day came when I had to make a choice — work for HSBC United States for a handsome package of 80,000 USD or pursue modelling as I got selected during auditions for Gladrags Megamodel and Manhunt 2011. Gladrags was one of the most prestigious contests which has produced supermodel-turned-actors like John Abraham, Dino Morea, Lara Dutta and Kangana Ranaut and it soon it was my dream to win this title. As it were, I won the runners—up title which encouraged me to switch jobs from Capgemini Pune to TCS Mumbai so that I could work IT and modelling side by side.


It was tough! As I was a fresher, I had no godfather so it took time to meet the right people and get the work which I aspired towards. In 2014, good assignments started coming in, so I took a break from IT and became a professional model. I was a freelancer as I had been juggling IT and modelling. Today I'm keen to join an agency as I'm a free bird and I believe that being with an agency is the more focused way to work as they push you for the right jobs. My first assignment was a promotional show for the film 'Houseful2' in 2012. It was a great experience being among the cast ie Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. I remember being awestruck as I smiled and waved at them and they both smiled back. Their kind gesture made my day and I forgot the choreography! I had no idea what I was doing honestly which later I recalled with the help of the other models! And then, when I walked down the ramp, I felt I was in heaven — I was finally pursuing my dream.


Now that I have experience, I believe it's not just one thing which makes you a good model. It's the complete package of good looks, fit body, positive attitude, style, etiquette and most importantly intelligence… and I can bet that I have it all! You also have to be creative and think out of the box to be on top of the heap in any profession. To make a mark in this business you need intelligence, adapt to changing situations and the ability to learn if you are not born creative. That said, my competition is the business. I try to spend free time attempting to make myself better. I also believe that you eventually achieve whatever is written in your destiny. Slowly but surely. And this mantra has helped me make good friends in the business as I always try to help colleagues or freshers by sharing my experiences. Everyone must believe in themselves and persistently work hard as it always pays back. One piece of advice — make friends without benefits — you will eventually end up getting it from true friends. On a personal level, modelling has transformed the way I dress! I've groomed myself. I was stylish even when I wasn't a model but now that I am a professional model I take dressing up seriously. Hey I'm going to sign off now and focus on assignments coming up in the near future.''