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The name's Haydon… Lisa Haydon.


Granted, her moniker doesn't have the same ring as that of her co-stars Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol in 'Aisha' or Kangana Ranaut in 'Queen' but this raven-haired beauty has been generating buzz as a rising star on the Bollywood horizon. Lisa has all credentials to be a successful actress: namely, she has broken the mould of 'supermodel' with a fab performance in both films.


Born in Chennai, the 23-year-old has lived in Australia, India and the US. She entered the modelling industry at 19 in Australia and continued when she moved to India in 2007, leaving no stone unturned to make it big. "As a child, I wanted to be a dancer. At 18, I wanted to be a yoga teacher and was studying psychology as well. It was then my friends suggested I take up modelling to earn the money required to learn yoga and pay the rent… that is how my modelling career began", she reminisced. "A director spotted me at a show and offered me a film. My character was tough as I play a woman with few words but is expressive. So I went to New York to learn method acting. From my experience, I would like to challenge the misconception that models cannot act. To be a good model, one needs to be a good actor as our face and body language has to convey the idea behind the collection on the catwalk, isn't it?" We can't say for certain whether she will join the pantheon of A List actresses but judging by her work, her smouldering looks and her focused attitude, she just might usher in a new era of femme fatales.

— Jasmeen Dugal
Photographs — Elite Model Management