Indian Models

The career of one of the most in-demand male models, Lavitesh Veer Singh, is a story of magical beginnings; he did not choose modelling… modelling chose him!


''In college I was a bookworm, focused only on studies because I dreamt of being an architect some day. Somewhere down the line, I began taking an interest in working out after college and giving tuition to school kids… it all began when I was just too tired of being bullied in school because I was fat. I still remember breaking down and crying back then. I was so scared of being bullied I changed my school. I was even bullied by my father in the market… And I had only one friend in school… Determined to turn my life around, I began working out and running in the mornings and evenings. Once I began losing weight I took a keen interest in fashion, particularly vintage Versace, Dior and Roberto Cavalli. And then I got scouted! My first show was for Kunal Rawal, choreographed by Lubna Adams ma'am.'' 


The world is his oyster, since. Veer's folio includes commendable work with Shivan and Narresh, Siddhartha Tytler, Kunal Rawal and Gaurav Gupta. But his most endearing quality is his humility. ''I've been featured in a few magazines and newspapers. Shivan and Narresh is my favourite project because it was my first outdoor show where I had to walk on pebbles and got featured in Vogue. And Shivan and Narresh are nice guys too. I was walking in speedos, and from the point of view off a twenty-one year old, that was an amazing experience'', he says and then sighs, ''I'm very young and I want to learn more and more and that will happen with a lot of work. Right now all the projects are e-commerce because Covid has made high fashion slow for us! But hopefully this phase will be over soon. I would love to go to Paris, Milan, New York and Miami. And I plan to try diversifying into acting as well.''


And, before, we wrap up the interview on a positive note, he reveals, ''I feel the Indian modelling industry needs to give more breaks to new faces. Right now, they have to wait a really long time. And there must be more fashion weeks since India is culturally rich and diverse… as a young man who has is living his dream, if I could share a few nuggets of wisdom for the young and inexperienced wishing to enter the modelling fraternity it would be, 'Just don't be desperate as that would lead you down the wrong path. Be confident in your worth, believe in what you are doing, keep hustling and improving your skill set until you become the best version of yourself… and, by the way, your competition will be you only at the end of the day.''


Well, Veer, it seems, is fairly content with his lot. Although he's insanely handsome, his simmering determination, hard work and positivity is worthy of hyperbole. With his career geared towards the stratosphere, and new projects taking shape, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him on the catwalk. I wish him luck!

— Jasmeen Dugal