Indian Models

With a host of television serials, fashion campaigns and runway shows on the horizon, model and actor Lalit Choudhary is living the life he always aspired toward.


With his positive attitude and charisma, Lalit Choudhary does not fail to disappoint when it comes to the catwalk, fashion shoots and acting. His love for the ramp, lights and cameras started years back. ''During school, I was clear about what I wished to do in life. When I was in sixth standard I did a fashion show, and the moment I was on head ramp, the feelings it roved in me made me decide right then that this was what I aspired to do. So I started working on my personality and communication skills and all things required to be a good model, from a young age. I soon began participating in shows for Jaipur-based fashion designing colleges and once I graduated, I shifted to Pune where I was groomed by Lovell Prabhu. That year itself I participated in Mr. and Ms. Citadel Pune… and won it! This pageant helped me a lot in terms of coverage. I got featured in some of the best magazines like Stardust, Society and Savvy. It was time for me to shift Mumbai. Today it's been a year and a half here and I've worked with some great people!’'


''Though I'm a software enginee, modelling is my lifeline, and I can't leave my lifeline for some 9–5 job! From experience, I believe it's not just one thing which makes a good model. It's the combination of  positive attitude, good physique, intelligence, looks and most importantly patience... and I believe I have all of these qualities! The best thing about modeling is all-expense paid traveling! Its awesome to get opportunities to experience amazing places! Other then traveling, I get to attend great after-parties and I'm a big party animal! It also stays interesting because I am working with different crews all the time, with great people. A lot of people ask me about back-up plans but I don't think models should have a back-up career because he or she won’t be able to focus on one single thing and frankly you can't walk down two paths at the same time! So I'm not even thinking about other career options!''


Getting serious he says ''There is hardly any work for male models. The Indian market needs to grow.'' And then he smiles. ''I have done shows all over India and have worked with great designers in a short period. I am also that I had the opportunity of working with stars like Sushant Singh Rajput. I honestly believe that I'm doing pretty good... but I still have a very long way to go! Recently I did a campaign shoot for Kingfisher with Sushant Singh Rajput. I've done commercials for Himalaya Face Wash and shot for Men's Health. I've worked with some of the greatest designers in India. I've walked for Lakme Fashion Week, fashion weeks in Bangalore, Bengal, Hyderabad, Jaipur.. almost all over India. At the moment I'm concentrating on honing my acting skills and things are working out nicely. You will see me on TV soon! In terms of modelling I have to leave for Bangalore next week for Wrangler Show and then back to Mumbai for a print shoot and then again to Bangalore for a show... so travel model is ON.'' And why not? Lalit, simmering with life on the catwalk, boils over with life off it. Is there a particular fitness mantra he employs? ''I'm a fitness freak. Though I'm a big time chocolate lover, I work hard in the gym to cover it up! And I love cooking so that saves me from junk food. My mantra is "Make Muscles, Not Excuses.'' I wish him luck.