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Komal Choudhary switched tracks from investment banking to modelling so she could harness her passion into her profession. Meet the Cocoaberry talent.


''I don't know when my interest in modelling became a passion. I was an investment banker but somehow I was not satisfied with my career.  Of late, I realised there was no harm in converting my passion for modelling into a profession. I had heard about Cocoaberry from my friends and that was the platform I had been looking for as freshers are their priority; they know very well how to polish a rough stone into a diamond!


As a model, I’m very adaptable to a designer's needs and a choreographer's wants. I listen to what they ask of me and I deliver to the best of my abilities so on those points I do focus while working. Of course, a good mental attitude is important! Stay positive and eat clean and healthy. I do 30-45 minutes workout a day with a proper vitamins' diet. I believe in eating small meals every two hours as it helps speed up metabolism, improves energy and prevents muscle loss. Professionally, I have done Kerala Fashion League, Pune Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week, print shoots and e-commerce..''


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