Indian Models

Khan Junaid hails from Kashmir which he describes as 'heaven'. After completing formal education and a course from Alliance School of Business, he was clear he wanted to pursue his passion i.e. modelling and acting. ''It was my dream from a real young age to see myself on hoardings and TCVs and I would try to pose like models in Fashion magazines or make a sketch of them. So, with a backup plan of family business, I stepped foot into the industry.''


Khan's positive attitude and hard work took him places. ''I've done work for Lee Cooper, Titan, GQ, Himalaya Shampoo and an app launch with Hrithik Roshan in addition to several commercials. With such work coming in, I maintain a strict fitness regime. I work out in the gym and also stick to a diet though this has always been a little tough; with time I have control on it! While travelling, I do jogging and stretching. From experience, I'd advice new models to focus on why,how,where. -why should they be models -how are they going to do it i.e. hard work or false means -where they want to see themselves. And, yeah, avoid being unprofessional -skipping gym -skipping auditions and a party animal!''



Photography: Aditya Singh Rajput.

Agency: Pop Culture Talents