Indian Models

Hailing from the Capital, Karan Oberoi completed Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University, MBA from AIBS and PG diploma in journalism and advertising before he began working with an advertising agency as a graphic designer. But fate had other plans for him. ''I chose the creative field because I believe one should do what he or she loves doing. So I decided to quit my job as graphic designer and go after what I really wanted to do after a certain point — modeling and acting. I am lucky I have had some memorable projects including Royal Enfield, FBB, Isuzu Dmax V Cross and Reebok among many.''


And now he is transitioning to acting. What made him diversify, I ask? ''As far as modeling is concerned, I have done big projects so now there is nothing much to explore. Honestly, modeling no more fascinates me. I think after a certain level there is a saturation point where you feel that you don't enjoy it anymore and you need to diversify and explore other fields. Acting is vast, and especially in a country like ours, we have to switch to acting to become a brand as modeling is not a long term career.'' What makes him a good actor? ''I think I act from inside out; whenever I act I feel that situation and try to be as real as possible. Also, being versatile gives me an edge'', he muses. ''I'm working on a short film right now. It is a suspense romantic thriller, a story of a boy who falls in love with a girl and he doesn't realise why. I found this journey of the realization of love interesting and accepted the role.''


He works hard to maintain his diet and fitness regime. ''I generally eat more of protein and high fibre like lean meat, egg white, greens, quinoa and porridge. I workout everyday; it doesn't matter how busy my day is. It is very important to hit the gym at least for 45 minutes every day! So, is it any wonder his future seems bright? ''I just want to act. My first short film is going to be released in April. By next month I shall be working on other assignments. Let's see what God has stored for me!''