Indian Models

"I hail from Dehradun and love the charming town more than anyplace! I started modelling when I was 18. My parents are cool and supported my decision though they weren't sure if I would stick to it as I was a restless kid! But now they are proud what I'm doing!


Modelling just happened with friends and family encouraging me to give it a shot. I've always been a sportsman and spent my teen years playing cricket from the gali to the stadium. I'm a national player so my education was on second shift though I did graduation thanks to my sister who pushed me for it. Being a sportsman, I didn't know how this industry functions, but what inspired me was the freedom of working hours. I'm not a 9-to-5 person. So once I stepped into this profession I made an effort to understand each of its aspects.  My first job was a print ad in Delhi. I was 18 with long curls and that was the client's requirement so I fit the bill or perhaps was at the right place at the right time! There was no looking back.


I did TVCs for Coke, Wipro, Samsung Mobiles, Bisleri, Fair and Handsome etc and print for Standard Chartered Bank, Union Bank, Videocon Mobile and Airtel. I feel secure since joining Smoke Studio. The journey has begun but I'm sure there are great opportunities coming up. I joined this agency because it has a dream team. They are all the best in the business! I have complete faith. Team Smoke Studio treats models as their babies and I feel great being a part of it. I believe I will grow here. Reflecting on my experiences I advise aspiring models to believe in themselves and understand their strength and weakness and work on improving the latter. Think positive and enjoy what you are doing, work hard and have patience; everything will fall into place at the right time. Being a sportsmen I've been lean and fit so that helped in modelling. But discipline is important. I know it can be a task when one becomes famous and indulges in late nights so one must counter-balance it with eating healthy and working out. Where do I see myself years later? I guess every model wants to be an actor!"