Indian Models

''I have always believed in Robert Frost's poem about the road not taken and the road less travelled, which explains my attraction to modelling'' says model Kanak Garg whose edgy hairstyle, luminescent skin and electrifying presence on the catwalk gives me reason to believe her career graph is on the ascend. Over to her.


''People often ask me if modelling is a stable career and where my future lies. but I don’t think it’s fair to compare modelling with other professions in terms of stability; it’s we who make our career and not the other way around! As the word 'model' itself suggests, I aspire to be someone whom people would want to look up to. I’m comfortable in my skin, highly optimistic, hardworking and helpful. Most importantly, I believe in myself and don’t try to imitate others and that, I feel, makes me a good model... and a good role model.''


Kanak believes in hard work and solid ethics—it's due to these qualities and a firm head on her shoulders that she is head and shoulders above this generation of models. ''Modelling is not easy. I continuously work on myself'' she reveals. ''I practice Yoga as it not only helps me maintain my body but also gives me mental peace. I’m not someone who follows a rigorous diet but my mornings always begin with one litre of lukewarm lemon water and a bowl of soaked almonds. I've cut down my sugar and salt intake.''


''I'm happy with the way my career is shaping up, though! I've done digital campaigns for brands Splash and Forever 21. And a campaign for Jashn. I’ve also walked for several fashion weeks and all the key designers. Currently, though, I’m looking forward to walking for India Beach Fashion Week in Goa. Personally speaking, I've always been a explorer; I believe in widening my horizons and not limiting myself. So, despite having a certain job satisfaction from modelling, I’m sure I'd like to diversify at some point in life! Let's see what life has in store for me!''