Indian Models

''My passion, my dreams, my hard work, my beauty will make it happen'' says Cocoaberry talent Juhi Virdi. In conversation with the young girl pursuing her dreams.


''I always felt that since God has gifted me a good personality and height what better way to use it to my advantage  than to be a model? Like every girl my age, I aspire to be successful in life and I'm determined to work hard to achieve my dreams of achieving supermodel status. My passion, my dreams, my hard work, my beauty will make it happen.


I started out by participating in pageants for the experience and I have done a few shows and shoots. With each assignment I undertake, I try to learn something new. I take my career seriously because modelling will facilitate my dream of starting my own grooming classes so new girls get an opportunity to work in this industry. And though I work hard, I dont't maintain a strict diet and workout regimen since I have a good metabolism and don't put on weight fast. Being Punjabi, it's difficult to maintain a strict diet but I make sure I stick to homemade meals and drink a lot of milk for vitamins and energy.''