Indian Models

Of late I had been hearing of Jitesh Nikam making his presence felt — and then I saw him stride confidently down the runways. Here's what he says on life as a male model!


''I'm a successful model today because I took that one chance, that risk. It was never in my list of priorities to be a model; after my higher secondary studies, I began working out, my height was advantageous, and a casting director scouted me on Facebook for a ramp assignment. Once I got through, I was surprised to hear I was walking for 25 Years Of Vikram Phadnis… and after that there was no looking back! I like taking up challenges and the limelight gives me an immense high. So, I got into the business of modelling full time and since then it's been a fantastic roller-coster ride. I've walked at fashion weeks for designers Vikram Phadnis, Shantanu-Nikhil, Rocky S and Narendra Kumar.


What makes me a good model? I have positive attitude, strong Indian features and wheatish complexion, which gets me noticed; moreover, well-wishers tell me it's my walk that makes me stand out! Of course, I'm conscientious of diet and working out. Since childhood, I've been a dancer and swimmer; I've always maintained an active lifestyle. Now of course I'm expected to be fit so I try to workout four times a week and alternate that with dance classes, which helps me to stay flexible. Regarding diet, I'm more of a home-cooked foodie; I have a balanced high- protein diet.


I strongly believe in my vision… if one can visualise it then it's all on your dedication to make it big. I also have a strong inclination towards writing and acting and will explore these related fields some day. From experience, I would advise models entering the industry to first build a good physique and be well groomed; of course,  being a genuinely good person at heart is going to take you places! Regarding work, it's very important to choose the right assignments that are going to help you grow as a professional model. Now, looking forward, I have a few ramp shows and a fashion week coming up. I'll ask be shooting for a well-known clothing brand soon! Life's good!’'